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A Child’s Best Diet for Healthy Teeth and Gums

A Childs Best Diet For Healthy Teeth And Gums-min

Stuff you Need to Know about Halitophobia

STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HALITOPHOBIA-minBeing conscious about the way your breath smells is absolutely normal as this is your own technique of detecting bad breath. Halitosis, the medical term for severe bad breath, is a condition that is preventable and curable.

On the other hand, there is a kind of fear that is derived from excessive fascination with having fresh breath and extreme anxiety of experiencing halitosis. Such apprehension is called halitophobia, the fear of having bad breath.

Basic Facts About Halitophobia

Before knowing the causes, effects and treatment for halitophobia, you should get to know the condition well so as to recognize its characteristics completely.

  • It is also called as delusional halitosis
  • Usually, patients who have halitophobia assumed that they have halitosis, when in fact they don’t have
  • A person who’s suffering from this type of phobia uses various techniques to battle with; some of these can be attributed from obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms.
  • Dentists have calculated that 25% of the patients who consulted them for halitosis are afflicted with delusional halitosis.
  • Severe halitophobia only affects 1% of the adult population

Grounds for Halitophobia

How Root Canal Treatment Saves the Tooth

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How to create the best smile

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Recover Faster after Tooth Extraction

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The Significance Of Hygienic Tongue to your Oral Health

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF HYGIENIC TONGUE TO YOUR ORAL HEALTH-minYou might have stumbled upon a tongue scraper when you are in a store shopping for your daily needs at home.

But for sure, it never came to your mind how this simple and lifeless tool could enhance your oral health extraordinarily; thus, you just walked past it and never turned for a second look. Tongue, along with your teeth and gums, requires utmost attention so you can achieve a complete package of total oral wellness.

Your tongue is not just an important part of the body used for talking and chewing food; it also plays a crucial part in your immune system and oral wellbeing. Bacteria buildup on the surface of your tongue might cause health and dental problems such as respiratory complications, digestive issues, a compromised immune system, gum disease, tooth decay and many others. Cleaning your tongue every day is an effortless yet successful method towards admirable oral health.

Tongue is A Diagnostic Device

Similar to a human’s skin, the tongue also reveals the condition of your health. It is a mirror reflection of internal organs. It is mapped out to show different parts of your internal body. Just by looking at your tongue in the morning, you can learn a lot what is happening in its certain sections. And just acupuncture, you actually stimulate and massage those internal organs through scraping your tongue.

Proper Oral Care Anytime, Anywhere

Proper Oral Care Any time Anywhere-min
Throughout the expedition, your mouth experiences a lot of activities such as eating, drinking, and chatting with colleagues. So before you can do all these stuff with full confidence, you must have a well-conditioned oral health. This calls for a fresher breath that will last until the end of the day. For a greater experience while you’re away from home, it is advisable to visit your dentist first for some consultations and prevent any dental emergencies that will happen along the way of your escapade.

How Tobacco Use Affect Oral Health Significantly

How tobacco use affect oral health-min

How Vitamin C Promotes Healthy Gums

How Vitamin C promotes healthy gums-minHealthy gums are actually a promising indication that you could have a good oral health. It is just sad to know that sometimes, gums do not receive the proper attention it need unlike what most people would do in any cost with their teeth. Neglecting the health of your gums could lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease, including scurvy, which is known to be the hallmark of vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C has a significant role for your gum health. So if you are making steps in paying attention with your gums, eating foods that are rich in vitamin C is one of the best methods you should do first. Vitamin offers almost unlimited benefits for your gums that could free you from gum disorders.

The Goodness You Can Get from Vitamin C

Vitamin C can hinder the development of plaque and tartar. It is even considered as the invisible toothbrush; thus if you are fond of tooth brushing, results for a healthier gums and teeth may not still be convincing without sufficient amounts of vitamin C.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Teeth

Vitamins and minerals undeniably deliver countless benefits to the human body, including your mouth and teeth. Adding such nutrients to your diet even more augment their efficiency. Thus, too much or too little intake of vitamins and nutrients may also bring health risks, particularly to your mouth and teeth.