fluoride treatment

Tooth decay is a simple concern with heavy consequences. It can lead to unbearable pain and even tooth loss. Protect your teeth with fluoride treatment against tooth decay before you suffer. Combining good dental practices, brushing and flossing twice daily, regular visits to the dentist with fluoride treatment you are providing yourself with high oral dental care and minimising the risk of preventable problems.

Malouf Dental in Brisbane offers fluoride treatment to help you preserve your oral health. Come in and see us to talk to one of our dentists

Why is Fluoride Important?

Safe and Effective Fluoride Treatment in Brisbane

Fluoride, together with calcium and phosphorous, is essential for the wellness of your teeth. This mineral allows your teeth to repair and renew its damaged structure through a process called remineralisation. Fluoride molecules combine with the enamel of your teeth in order to boost their strength and durability.

Furthermore, fluoride can make your teeth more resistant to acid. Because of this, damage on your teeth can be minimised and your risk of developing tooth decay is significantly reduced.

Protect your teeth and yourself from developing tooth decay and enjoy healthier teeth and gums. Experience the advantages of quality Fluoride Treatment from your trusted dentist in Brisbane at Malouf Dental. We aim to provide you and your entire family with a wide range of dental treatments so that everyone can enjoy a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles.

A Reliable Source of Fluoride

Even if this mineral can be found in various foods and in drinking water, dental care experts highly recommend that you have a much better source of fluoride. At Malouf Dental, fluoride is provided in our dental treatments. Your trusted dentist in Brisbane can apply a controlled amount of a strong fluoride-containing substance on your teeth. This is an excellent way to strengthen your teeth and protect yourself from the grave consequences of tooth decay.

Moreover, after getting Fluoride Treatment, some fluoride ions stay with the saliva in your mouth. The presence of these molecules neutralises the adverse effects of acid produced by bacteria thriving inside your mouth. As a result, your teeth get extra protection from further damage.


It is always important but between the ages of 6 months to 16 years old is very important to be exposed to fluoride. This is when the primary or adult teeth begin to develop.

Fluoride is safe, however in large doses can be harmful. This is why it is important for parents to watch their children when it comes to using fluoride such as toothpaste.