Smile Makeovers Brisbane

Want to smile like you have always wanted to but didn’t think you had the best smile? Imagine your confidence with the smile you have always dreamt about. Would you still hold back your smile or would you instead feel attractive and confident enough to flash your beautiful new smile?


If there is something about your smile that bothers you, holding back your smile can eventually take its toll on your facial features. Years of holding back your smile or covering your teeth with your lips to hide them will eventually cause the muscles around the smile to lose its shape, making the lower portion of the face begin to droop.

Our philosophy at Malouf Dental is to enhance the beauty and not create an artificial or generic look. Through technological advancements, it is now possible to conservatively improve and strengthen the health and function of a patient’s appearance and smile.

A Smile Makeover in Brisbane will not only have a tremendous effect on self-esteem, but it can also improve how the jaw functions. As teeth wear down or their edges chip, your bite will eventually collapse, placing the burden of chewing on the jaw joints and not on the teeth, leading to more problems down the line.

At Malouf Dental we only use the latest and the best cosmetic dentistry to provide you with the best results. Malouf Dental in Tingalpa Brisbane are an experienced cosmetic smile makeover dentists, visit our smile gallery to see before and after work.


The cost will vary depending on how much work is being done. The best way to get an estimate of cost is to come into our Brisbane clinic and talk to one of our dentists.