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When Should Kids Start to Floss Their Teeth-minHere’s a 3 minutes and 23 seconds When Should Kids Start To Floss Their Teeth video. See full transcript below.

Learning how to floss can be a bit complicated for your young ones. But it is absolutely a necessary habit to master and develop. Regular and proper use of the dental floss is important in achieving and upholding optimal dental and oral wellness. As such, even if they only have baby teeth, you should introduce them to dental flossing so that they can have perfectly clean and healthy smiles as they grow.

Experts recommend that parents should teach their kids how to floss as soon as their teeth closely fit, usually by age 2 to 6. You can begin by doing it for them and allowing them to learn until they can do it themselves. Be sure to use a dental floss that is soft and flexible so that it would not harm their teeth and gums. Children aged 10 are expected to know how to use the dental floss properly.

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When Should Kids Start To Floss Their Teeth

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