The Many Disadvantages of Oral Piercing

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Infections are just one of the numerous health-related risks you can experience from getting oral piercing. The wound made by piercing, the massive amount of mouth bacteria and the additional bacteria from improper handling of jewellery have combined to spread the risk of infections.

Transmission of diseases and viruses, gum disease, nerve damage and a lot more are serious outcomes that can damage your teeth and gums once inappropriate oral piercing procedure is made. During the healing period of your new oral piercing, life might be a little bit tough. You need to avoid a lot of things such as eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol, using tobacco and in need of frequent rinsing of the mouth using salt water.

If you have experienced some complications after getting an oral piercing, consult a health expert right away. Your dental care partners here at Malouf Dental can provide you professional guidance regarding oral piercing. Through our wide-ranging procedures, we can bring back the health of your teeth and gums that was once damaged due to oral piercing.

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