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Interdental brushes are used to clean in between teeth that ordinary toothbrushing can’t reach. With the use of this type of brush, gum disease can be prevented by eliminating food particles and interproximal plaque.

Interdental cleaning is the method of cleaning between your teeth; thus, your dentist may recommend you to use interdental brushes if interdental cleaning is advised.

Functions and Uses of Interdental Brushes

For teeth

Instead of using dental floss, use interdental brushes for cleaning wide gaps between adjacent teeth. Insert the brush into the gap between the teeth. Place the interdental brush close to the gum margin. Manoeuvre the brush back and forth to scrub neighbouring tooth surfaces.

For orthodontic appliances

Teeth with orthodontic appliances are quite difficult to clean. Both of them must be cleaned in the morning and before sleeping at night, especially every after meal.

First off, brush the area between the gums and the appliance. Next, scrub the part between the orthodontic appliance and the teeth’s incisal edge. Lastly, insert the brush inside the area between the appliance and teeth to clean.

Just a Reminder

You must use interdental brushes with a few various sizes to clean the spaces effectively if there are interdental gaps of different widths in your mouth. Don’t insert the brush into the gap forcefully as it can harm your gums. After every use, clean the brush thoroughly. If the bristles are worn, replace it with a new brush. Bleeding of gums within the first few days of using interdental brush is normal. This should stop after a week. Like with dental floss, interdental brush hurts your gums a bit to produce healthy and firm gingivae afterward.

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