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How Vitamin C Promotes Healthy Gums

How Vitamin C promotes healthy gums-minHealthy gums are actually a promising indication that you could have a good oral health. It is just sad to know that sometimes, gums do not receive the proper attention it need unlike what most people would do in any cost with their teeth. Neglecting the health of your gums could lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease, including scurvy, which is known to be the hallmark of vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C has a significant role for your gum health. So if you are making steps in paying attention with your gums, eating foods that are rich in vitamin C is one of the best methods you should do first. Vitamin offers almost unlimited benefits for your gums that could free you from gum disorders.

The Goodness You Can Get from Vitamin C

Vitamin C can hinder the development of plaque and tartar. It is even considered as the invisible toothbrush; thus if you are fond of tooth brushing, results for a healthier gums and teeth may not still be convincing without sufficient amounts of vitamin C.