How to Prevent and Cure Sensitive Teeth

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How to Prevent and Cure Sensitive Teeth-minTooth sensitivity is a discomfort you can feel in your tooth, which may result in feelings of toothache in teeth. Sensitive teeth is one of the common sources of toothache. The pain is typically sharp, sudden and shooting. Sensitivity happens when the dentin (the tooth’s layer underneath enamel) is exposed along the gum line because of receding gums.

If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, don’t disregard the routine of your oral care. Make sure that you use a soft brush and floss for cleaning your teeth. Toothpaste that is made just for sensitive teeth is also an excellent remedy. It’s best that you consult your dentist first before choosing the products that are ideal for the relief of your sensitive teeth.

To deal with your sensitive teeth effectively, visit your reliable Brisbane dentist today. Your dental care partners here at Malouf Dental are highly committed to resolving various oral health problems, such as tooth sensitivity, through our comprehensive dental treatments. With our top-notch procedures, you can now say goodbye to painful, sensitive teeth.

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