Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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When a child is frequently exposed to sweetened beverages, baby bottle tooth decay can then be easily acquired. This happens when you feed your child with milk, formula or juice during bedtime. The sugars in these drinks accumulate around the baby’s teeth and gums that feed the bacteria in plaque. Tooth decay starts whenever your child recurrently consumes sugary liquids as the acid created by these bacteria invades their teeth and gums.

Parents must not neglect the effects of baby bottle tooth decay on their young children. If the condition is left untreated, the decay lets your child experience pain and infection. Due to baby bottle tooth decay, your child could develop speech problems, poor eating habits and damaged adult teeth. It is important to establish healthy baby teeth so one can possibly gain healthy permanent teeth in the future.

Cavities are preventable that is why it’s not impossible for your child to avoid baby bottle tooth decay. At Malouf Dental, we can provide you with further information about the prevention and treatment involving early childhood caries. We have expert Children’s Dentistry that focuses on the early upholding of your child’s overall oral health and prevent the development of tooth and mouth problems in the first place.

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