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Dental Implants (myths and facts)-minHere’s a 2 minutes and 32 seconds Dental Implants: The 5 Common Myths and Facts video. See full transcript below.

With various dental procedures today varying from dentures to implants, it’s quite confusing what would be the best solution for your missing teeth. Your dental professional will only guide you through these options but at the end of the day the final decision is still yours. You want to get dental implants because you’ve heard it is the most ideal treatment for tooth loss. On the other hand, you’ve heard some unpleasant fictions about the procedure online and so you became a bit doubtful to get dental implants.

Before judging the procedure, you must consider first the reality behind all of the falsehood. Dental implants have been around for decades and decades already. This treatment has been proven safe and effective for patients. It’s also considered to be one of the most reliable procedures provided that the dentist is expert and highly proficient in performing the treatment. In terms of cost, implants are quite costly yet its long-term solution for your teeth saves you from further expenses compared to dentures and bridges that may still require repair or replacement later on. Also, you can ask your dentist about payment options for dental implants.

Most people pursue a consultation with their cosmetic dentist to obtain dental implants because they’ve heard it is the most ideal treatment for correcting their smile when there is bone and tooth loss. However, many people are afraid of dental implant treatments because they have solely relied on free online information to become informed about the pros and cons of dental implants. However, be aware of what you read online especially if it is not from a medical website or a dentist is not endorsing an opinion as there may be many myths about dental implant procedures. It is best to meet with your cosmetic dentist to determine the best manner to correct your smile as there also may be other health factors to consider when pursing a smile correction.

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Dental Implants: The 5 Common Myths and Facts

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