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DRINKING WATER FLUORIDATION-minFor more than 65 years, fluoridation of public water supply has been a safe and extremely effective way of preventing tooth decay.

The history fluoridating public water supply goes way back in the 1930s when dental experts first started to notice that dental decay is not as prevalent among people whose water supplies contain elevated levels of natural fluoride.

In 1965, after conducting numerous bodies of extensive research and scientific studies, the city of Grand Rapids Michigan in the United States first added fluoride in its public water supply.

Since then fluoridation, the process of adding and adjusting one part fluoride to one millions parts water, has been continuously substantiated by prominent scientific studies as a safe, effective, and practical way of reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Related Studies

Back in 2002, the Australian Child Dental Health Survey conducted a study on 136,000 children living in different parts of the country. The study specifically took note whether or not the children were exposed to fluoridated drinking water.

At the end of the study, researchers report that regardless of state or territory, of age group, of economic status, and of other considered factors, children who drink fluoridated water has had less frequent and less severe tooth decay than those who are exposed to non-fluoridated water.

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