Healthier Gums and Teeth for Soon-to-be Mums

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Healthier Gums and Teeth For Soon to be Mums-minSome pregnant women who tend to believe the old wives’ tale about tooth loss every pregnancy can still threaten their consciousness. In today’s modern generation, this tale is considered to be nothing but a myth. As long as the expecting mother has enough supply of calcium in her body, then tooth loss is highly impossible to happen. Furthermore, her bones will also provide the calcium her developing baby needs. Due to a stressful pregnancy, mothers might undergo certain dental problems in some cases.

Food cravings are usual among pregnant women. It is still good news if you are craving for healthier options; however, if your diet mostly includes unhealthy meals then this is quite alarming for you and your baby. To continually improve the growth of your baby inside your tummy, choosing a healthier diet must be your first consideration. Keep in mind that the development of your baby will greatly depend on how you handle yourself before and during pregnancy.

Improve your calcium intake every day in a moderate way. Adequate supply of calcium safeguards your bone mass and meets your baby’s nutritional needs. Visit your reliable Brisbane dentist to get additional information about healthy oral condition during pregnancy. Here at Malouf Dental, we provide comprehensive advice and dental treatments that will greatly benefit you and your baby throughout your pregnancy period. Call us today on (07) 3390 6100 or simply book your appointment online.


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