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Paying Attention with Bad Breath Issues-minAlso known as halitosis in its medical term, bad breath is a condition that’s pretty common for everybody. This is a natural case though, especially if it’s caused by simple circumstances such as eating odorous foods or skipping important meals. However, this simple indication should not be neglected, particularly if having a bad breath seems to be recurrent already.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

There are two factors that trigger bad breath to occur in your mouth. These are external and internal factors. External reasons involve the type of food you eat such as spicy or odorous in nature. People who smoke and consume alcoholic drinks get higher chances of acquiring bad breath, especially if doing such vices became their everyday habit.

Internal factor happens in the vicinity of your tongue. The tongue is a ground for millions of bacteria. Numerous odour-causing bacteria produce a compound called volatile sulphur compound (VSC), which eventually leads to, of course, bad breath. The two major VSC’s that activates halitosis are known to be methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulphide. Most of these bacteria reside at the back portion of the tongue.

Other bad breath causes include unclean dentures, mouth and throat problems, gingivitis and gum diseases, most of all, poor oral hygiene.

Easy and Early Prevention for Bad Breath

If you want to avoid and get rid of embarrassing halitosis, the first step you should do is practicing good oral hygiene in the most effective way. Remove food particles that stuck between the spaces of your teeth by means of thorough brushing and flossing. To further avert the condition, eliminate odorous foods that you usually include your diet.

If you are a denture wearer, don’t forget to remove your dentures before taking a good night sleep. And in the morning, you must clean them properly before putting back to your mouth. Also, visit your dentist for your dental check-ups, as well as teeth and mouth cleaning procedure.

Effective Bad Breath Solution in Brisbane

Bad breath creates an embarrassing distance for people. But most of all, it calls for an important attention about the present status of your mouth. Eating healthy foods and good oral hygiene are suitable solutions for halitosis. Consulting your trusted Brisbane dentists enhances your ability to cope up with bad breath. Malouf Dental provides comprehensive treatment for halitosis so you’ll get healthier and fresher breath. Call us today on (07) 3390 6100 or simply book your appointment online.


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