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STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HALITOPHOBIA-minBeing conscious about the way your breath smells is absolutely normal as this is a good sign in being aware of it an wanting to resolve your bad breath. Halitosis, the medical term for severe bad breath, is a condition that is preventable and curable.

On the other hand, there is a kind of fear that is derived from excessive fascination with having fresh breath and extreme anxiety of experiencing halitosis. Such apprehension is called halitophobia, the fear of having bad breath.

Basic Facts About Halitophobia

Before knowing the causes, effects and treatment for halitophobia, you should get to know the condition well so as to recognise its characteristics completely.

  • It is also called as delusional halitosis
  • Usually, patients who have halitophobia assumed that they have halitosis, when in fact they don’t have
  • A person who’s suffering from this type of phobia uses various techniques to battle with; some of these can be attributed from obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms.
  • Dentists have calculated that 25% of the patients who consulted them for halitosis are afflicted with delusional halitosis.
  • Severe halitophobia only affects 1% of the adult population

Grounds for Halitophobia

There are many possible causes why halitophobia can develop into a person’s behaviour. In most cases, a person has been deeply affected emotionally by the comments of other people about having bad breath. This usually happens during childhood days. The pain of rejection stays with the person all throughout adulthood.

Other reasons for the manifestation of halitophobia include disorders like OCD or hypochondria. In addition to this, psychological ailments that cause delusions, like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, can also trigger the halitophobia to develop.

Effects of Halitophobia

Individuals who experience halitophobia brush their teeth relentlessly, which in a sense becomes compulsive already. They are absolutely and overly mindful of their breath. As a result, they tend to do the best that they really can to prevent and not to have bad breath in any case. In some severe cases, the patient would rather remove his teeth because of too much fear of halitosis. This overstated kind of fear leads one to isolation and depression.

Psychological Medication for Halitophobia

Treating halitophobia may take a significant amount of time in finding methods that suit on an individual basis. Breath fresheners such as chewing gum and breath mints may aid in mild cases, but do not tackle the condition’s psychological element. A psychological evaluation might be suggested for people who suffer severe symptoms of delusional halitosis. Any primary halitophobia disorders are diagnosed and treated through a psychiatrist.

Effective Dental Assistance for Halitophobia in Brisbane

Your trusted dentist in Brisbane is capable of supplying you with additional details about halitosis and halitophobia. Our dental team here at Malouf Dental can diagnose and treat any dental and oral conditions that contribute to bad breath, as well as tooth decay or oral infections. Through our remarkable expertise, we can lead you to a better dental experience away from halitosis and halitophobia.

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