Jaw pain: 6 ways to reduce it

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Jaw pain might be an indication of a serious medical condition such as angina or heart attack. Its causes may involve arthritis, dislocation, abscess, and misalignment of teeth. Pain in the jaw may happen on one or both sides, varying in what really causes the condition. You may also experience jaw pain when chewing or even at rest.

Your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination that involves X-ray for determining the cause of the pain. The plan for treatment of your dentist will vary on the cause of your jaw and facial pain. Recommendations may include mouth protector, muscle relaxants, antibiotics, root canal therapy and periodontal treatment.

Ignoring the early signs of jaw pain may lead to a more serious condition. Get immediate professional assistance from your trusted Brisbane dentist. Here at Malouf Dental, we have state-of-the-art dental equipment suitable for your jaw pain and other related problems. Uphold your oral health for a better quality of life with the help of our welcoming, knowledgeable dental team.

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