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The 9 Common Risk Factors for Tooth Loss

The 9 Common Risk Factos in Tooth Loss
Edentulism is the medical term for tooth loss. This condition may seem to be common among elderly people. However, studies show that even at early age, tooth loss can happen as long as the person is not paying serious attention with his or her oral health. Moreover, tooth loss is not caused by poor dental care alone, as there are many factors that allow this condition to happen.

Numbers On Tooth Loss And Avoiding Certain Foods

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Averting The Perils Of Having Missing Teeth

Averting the Perils of Missing Teeth-minIt is only normal for kids’ baby teeth to fall off. They are bound to make way for the growth of the permanent ones. Then again, when adults lose their teeth, it is an entirely different scenario.

Although it can be argued that experiencing tooth loss is inevitable as you age, it is actually caused by a number of factors including: dental and oral health issues, general health concerns, excessive tooth wear and tear, diet and other lifestyle habits, trauma due to accidents, and even genetics.

Having that little gap in your smile is not something that you can just overlook. Tooth loss and missing teeth can actually be the cause of a lot of problems in your life. It does not only affect the beauty and elegance of your smile. If you do not tend to it immediately, having missing teeth can become a lot worse than it actually looks.

The Consequences Of Having Missing Teeth

When a tooth is missing, the other teeth will gradually shift towards the direction of the vacated area. This lead to an imbalance and an extent of weakness in your bite and in the long run, this causes changes in the bone that supports your facial structures. As a result, you would look much older than you actually are.

Dentist Brisbane: Address Tooth Loss With A Sense Of Urgency

Here’s a 3 minutes and 2 seconds Address Tooth Loss With A Sense Of Urgency video. See full transcript below

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Dentist Brisbane: Address Tooth Loss With A Sense Of Urgency