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Types of Toothbrushes-minEver wonder whether or not the high-tech looking toothbrush that is on display on your dentist office is decisively more effective in cleaning your mouth than the one you have at home. What about that toothbrush that uses AA batteries? And the toothbrush that you plug into the wall?

Apart from practicing the proper fundamentals of brushing your teeth, which include brushing technique, frequency, and the amount of time you spend brushing, the type of toothbrush you use largely impacts the efficiency at which you preserve and improve the overall status of your oral health.

There are essentially three different types of toothbrushes. These being the rechargeable electric toothbrush (typically refereed to as sonic toothbrush), the battery operated toothbrush, and the regular manual toothbrush.

Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Alternatively referred to as a sonic toothbrush or a power toothbrush, a rechargeable electric toothbrush is typically one with permanent handles and replaceable brush heads. True to its name, a rechargeable electric toothbrush requires plugging into the wall to recharge.

Unlike the regular toothbrush that most people are accustomed to, the rechargeable electric toothbrush offers a rather updated cleaning technology such as oscillating-rotating and sonic technology.

Battery Operated Toothbrush

If you want the updated cleaning technology experience but are wary of the rechargeable electric toothbrush, a good alternative would the battery-operated toothbrush.

Typically referred to as the power toothbrush because it uses AA batteries, battery operated toothbrush adds a enough vibration to the traditional cleaning mechanism offered by the a regular manual toothbrush.

Regular Manual Toothbrush

The regular manual toothbrush has been a basic oral healthcare staple since its earliest popularity in the 18th century.  The regular manual toothbrush remains to be among the most common type of toothbrush to date. It is easy to use and does not require any power sources.

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As long as you observe proper brushing techniques, the type of toothbrush you use is really just a matter of personal preference. Just as importantly, visiting your dentist regularly ensures that both your teeth and gums are free from any unwanted dental anomalies.

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