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How Root Canal Treatments Saves the Tooth-min
One of the many reasons of an aching tooth is due to an infected pulp. Under the white enamel and dentin inside the tooth lies the soft tissue referred to as the pulp. This section is comprised of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues responsible for helping the root of your tooth to grow during development. When the dental pulp becomes infected, root canal treatment is then necessary to prevent pain or abscess.

Root Canal Treatment and your Affected Tooth

The procedure involves the removal of an infected pulp inside the tooth, which includes careful cleaning and disinfecting of the area. Then, the treated tooth is filled and sealed with a material called gutta-percha. For final treatment and protection, the tooth is restored with the help of crown or dental filling. After these procedures, your tooth can now function just like any other tooth.

Root canal treatment can be done in just one or two dental visits, depending on your tooth’s condition and other personal matters. Saving your tooth with the help of root canal therapy offers numerous benefits:

  • Lets you experience an efficient chewing
  • Provides regular biting force and sensation
  • Gives natural appearance
  • Defends the remaining teeth from extreme wear or strain
  • Limits the requirement for ongoing dental treatment
  • Lets you enjoy eating your favourite foods
  • Helps you uphold a natural smile

Aftercare Tips

Since your tooth is still recovering from root canal treatment, looking after it is very important and necessary. If your treatment is not yet completed, you must avoid eating hard and crunchy foods. Avoid disturbing the root-treated tooth with any objects even with your tongue or finger. If you are experiencing some discomforts after the procedure, you can buy over-the-counter pain reliever or the ones prescribed by your dentist. Clean and brush your mouth carefully and normally especially within the area of the treated tooth when doing your oral hygiene routine.

Safe and Reliable Root Canal Treatment in Brisbane

The tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can also last for a long time with the help of proper oral care. To experience high-quality root canal therapy, visit your trusted Brisbane dentist today here at Malouf Dental. We offer top-rate and wide-ranging dental treatments for the different needs of your teeth and gums. With our excellent root canal treatment, we help you save your natural tooth so you can still experience a complete and fulfilling oral health wellness.

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