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Sparkling Up Your Smile-minA recent study conducted at the Max Plank Institute at Berlin provides a solid body of science to the old adage that smiling makes you look younger. Researchers involved in the study reports that strangers are far more likely to find a smiling person to be a lot more younger than his or her actual age.

While the study appears to be too good to be true, the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry clarifies that a smile ruined by damaged or yellow teeth does the exact opposite, and instead makes the person appear dramatically older. As such, here are a few ways, both high and low tech, to make sure that you a healthy white smile is always at your disposal.

Flossing And Diet

First, focus on flossing. Completing the traditional triad of good dental habits, flossing is easily the best and perhaps the easiest way to ensure dental whiteness. Complementary with regular and proper flossing habits, New York City Cosmetic Dentist and Huffington post contributor Thomas Conelly recommends that you also pack and after lunch office work brush and mouth rinse.

Boost your calcium and vitamin C consumption. It is no mere coincidence that a white set of teeth is grows and remains firmly planted in a healthy mouth. Making sure that you nourish your body with foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin C best increases you fighting chance against oral health problems, thereby ensuring optimal dental and periodontal health.

Potent calcium food sources include milk, cheeses, cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, breakfast cereals, breads, and soy-based products. Food sources rich in vitamin C on the other hand include crunchy fruits and vegies such apples and carrots.

Dentist In Brisbane

Arguably the most practical and effective way to maintain dental whiteness is to seek professional dental help. Visiting your dentist regularly ensures that both your teeth and gums are free from any unwanted dental anomalies. Moreover, professional dental whitening treatment is among the most safe, effective, and popular cosmetic treatment that helps keep the youthful glow of you appearance.

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